Rahul Singh Rana krishna Actress Jyoti Yadav started New movie Nazarbandh A True Story by taking the blessings of God on First day.

On the occasion of Muhurat Shot of Director Rahul Singh Rana’s ( krishna) upcoming movie “Nazarbandh”, Bollywood actress Jyoti Yadav worshipped on November 5th and started shooting.

Director Rahul Singh Rana (krishna) has given information about the movie cast & crew. Producers of the movie are KDH & Om Prakash Sharma, Co Producer is Mr. J. Singh.
Writer- Sacchidanand Srivastava, Music by Sager & Sudhakar Sneh . Songs were written by Abhay Tripathi . Executive producer for the movie is Mr. Manoj Kumar.casting by Dinesh Chauhan
Starcast of the movie – Zuber K Khan Jyoti Yadav, Vindhya Tiwari, Alka Singh, Roshni Singh , Mayank Sharma Ali Abbas, will be playing crucial roles in the movie.

Director Rahul Singh Rana told that the movie “Nazarbandh” will expose the politics inside the bollywood industry. The movie will enlight the issues a new comer faces & will show the dark truth of the industry to their audience. The movie “Nazarband will give an important message to our society.
Bollywood is the hub of entertainment, which has a turn over of over 1000 crore, but there are many stories behind the scenes, millions of people come to Bollywood industry with dreams in their eyes, but only 50% people achieve success. Many youngsters come her to achieve success but are caught in wrongdoings in the eyes of society and the law.
The story of the movie revolves around Aditya.
Shalini an upcoming struggling actress meets Aditya in context to a role in his movie and the Aditya takes her to Siddharth’s(an actor) party where VVIP celebrities and industrialists join but Shalini is murdered in the party whose investigation is done by Shivani IPS who is Aditya’s wife. Suspicious actions take place on people. Many people are exposed. Shivani feels that now the murderer is close but this does not happen and the process of murder continues. Even Aditya and Siddharth gets murdered. Shivani in her pursuit of discovering the truth just couldn’t as many high profile people try to keep the case under wraps for reasons better known to them.
To know what happens next, stay tuned untill the movie releases.
The movie iunderthe banner of “Bros Now Entertainment”

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